My name is Kavita. I have been married for four years but have not had any children yet. There is a lot of pressure from my in-laws that if I do not become a mother within a year, my husband will get married again. Friends, the truth is that the fault is not in me but in them, that is, my husband has problems. I came to know about this from my doctor. But I said to the doctor, can this be alright? If she eats medicine for two years, then the problem will be fine.

I have not told my friends in-laws that your son has problems. I save my husband’s dignity, but start taunting me as a sterile person. And the matter has become so bad that if I do not become a mother within a year, I might have to come back to my house. Because he showed any other doctor, that doctor did not say that everything is normal in the husband. Friends, I was stuck badly.

Friends, my in-laws are very rich and money-making. But my husband is a bit out of mind. Is weaker than the body. My father-in-law has three factories. Has a wealth of billions of rupees. Think for yourself what should I do. The in-laws need their heirs and I too have their wealth. When I told all these things to my mother, then look, some remedy will have to come out, otherwise it will be a problem.

Talked about it for two to three days, then thought of a solution, my mother said if you become pregnant then there is no problem even if the child belongs to anyone. And I would say that the matter of the house should remain at home. If you have done something outside, then you may blackmail someone else, so I would ask you to work at home with your younger brother Karthik. So I said mother, is it not right? Is any sister willing to be pregnant with her immediate brother? So mother said, daughter and there is no other option, if we do not do this then your life will be ruined.

Mother said this thing will remain between the three of us and will not include anyone in it. Mother talked to Karthik and agreed. Friends, Mother decorated the room for me, put beds, put flowers as if I had a honeymoon. I too dressed up like a bride and went to brother’s room. Friends, I remembered my honeymoon. But that honeymoon was not good for me because I was not able to have sex that day because you know my husband is weak from mind and body. Ten days later, he was able to enter Aloda in my pussy.

Friends, both of us were getting a little bothered as the mind was not trying. But brother was in full mood because he was getting pussy for the first time. So he grabbed me by his chest at the jolt and started sucking my lips and started to kiss. He was sometimes on the neck, sometimes on the shoulder, sometimes on the cheek, and once in a minute he used to lock his lip. I also liked her sexy style and I also got hot immediately. We both removed each other’s clothes and then I sat down and started sucking her Aloda with my mouth. He was holding me in and out.

Friends then we both went to bed. He started playing with my pussy. I was also yellowing her milk. My pussy had become very wet. My blond body hot pussy big big round round tits thin waist and wide ass was liked by my brother. He started licking my pussy and I started having water. Sometimes he would drink my tits and sometimes lick pussy, sometimes finger in my ass. My dear Nonvej readers, I have become so sexy, I cannot say you in words.