Yes, as you have read, I have a lot of Chodo Bhaiya, please calm my lust. That is why I said last night to my brother, why would I have been able to live without sex when my husband could not get Chod. Friends, every woman has to take this step one day whose lust is not fulfilled. Today I too am standing in the same line. I took a step when the heat of my pussy did not calm down. Today I am going to tell you my story of Chudai through Nonways

My name is Deepika, I live in Delhi, I live in Delhi with my husband. It has been almost three years since my marriage, but not a single day has gone the day I got my fuck. Fucking happens to me every day, but never my husband’s Aloda reached the end of my pussy. I remain thirsty every day.

I am beautiful i am hot my boobs are big and round. My round and wide outgoing ass makes anyone’s Aloda. There is no man who does not look at me once. But do I, despite all this, I am not going to fuck. I tell you why I am not satisfied with my husband. Friends, my husband is fucking me everyday but he is not able to make me happy

  • Husband’s Aloda is very small
    Instead of fucking me, he is more engaged in my Tits. He only plays with my tits.
    Whenever Aloda gets into my pussy, she is not able to bang very hard.
    When he catches cucumbers, he presses softly, I feel like pressing my cunts very hard and drink.
    Due to his aloda being small, my pussy is not full.
    When I get excited, her semen falls. When I catch him, he tries to redeem himself. As soon as the semen falls, he falls asleep immediately. I must have slept until I can even wear my bra